Buncrana unfortunates, it's that time of year again - parking permits

Look what popped into the postbox this morning.  Merry Christmas from Donegal County Council.

Not many readers would be aware of problems some local residents are experiencing and have endured for the past 10 years over parking outside their homes. 

Seeing that it's almost the 10th anniversary let us remind Donegal County Council and those councilors (former Buncrana Councillors)  who were responsible for such a discriminatory and unjust piece of local legislation.  More specifically let us remind Councilors Nicholas Crossan (Ind) and Pádraig Mac Lochlainn (Sinn Fein) who were the prime movers.

Each year some 'unfortunate' residents are forced to go through this demeaning process of filling in a form, supplying proof of vehicle and domicile to apply for a single permit, for a single car,  for the privilege of parking outside their own homes.

It directly affects residents on the Main Street, the adjacent streets and some selected areas in the town.   However, it incidentally affects many other people outside the areas especially family members and friends.

Some residents are affected worse than others e.g the elderly, the sick and especially residents without a driveway or who rely on the street to park. 

All visitors and family wishing to visit must pay parking.  If someone stays over, visiting a parent say,  they must get up before 9am and feed a parking meter.  We believe there might be a waiver for a death.

All residents outside these areas are not required to seek permits .  Can you imagine the difficulty this incurs?


The application form includes what it calls an 'Important Checklist'

"First-time Applicants: Enclose 2 current proofs of residency, copy of Vehicle Registration i.e. Tax Book or Vehicle Licensing Certificate, copy of insurance and copy of driving licence."

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Below residents protest outside Buncrana Council office December 2007.

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At the time of original protest, almost 10 years ago,  a residents delegation to a council meeting was told, sarcastically,  that what we were looking for (i.e. a reasonable number of permits per household which could be given to our visitors)  was out of the questions.  The reason given was that we would use these permits to make money.  Now isn't that trusting and isn't it a typical business way of thinking.  Do you remember Nicholas and Padraig?