Buncrana Together - 2016 - an elegy of evil

Buncrana Together commemorates 2016 as a year of attrocities afflicted by war and warmongers on innocent men woman and children In the Middle East.  We condemn Ireland's role in this by not speaking out, by allowing the use of Shannon Airport to transport US military,  of extraordinary rendition of detainees and not least awarding John Kerry, US Secretary of State,  the Tipperary Peace Prize. 

Through the graphic video and eyewitness's account of the US bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan, 1945  and accompanied by lyrics and music from Chris Floyd's 'Wish The Devil wasn't Real',  it is hoped to focus attention on the evils of war happening all over the world, the menace and proliferation of nuclear weapons and the build up of US and NATO military forces surrounding China and Russia.  As John Pilger said in his latest documentary 'The Coming War on China', can we really afford to be silent?

"Hiroshima city was a red ocean, fire burning, whole entire city burning.  I heard a baby screaming.  I still remember very clearly the mother was bleeding all over and tried to nurse the baby and the baby was so......  When I remember that part of it, I just can't take it.  People themselves just horrible looking, the hari was ashes, and kinked up "

Wish the Devil

I get up in the morning
my eyes are scalded red
I get up in the morning
my eyes are scalded red
All night long there's been a battle in my head
Like invading armies
tormenting thoughts do rage
Like invading armies
tormenting thoughts do rage
At their head a Captain
The Prince of this dark age

Well, I lost my faith in Jesus
No god out there that I can feel
But when the pain comes how I wish
That the devil wasn't real

I bow my head in prayer
just like so long ago
I fold my hands in fervent prayer
like so many years ago
When God was in the garden
walking softly to and fro
My words rise up like eagles
then fall down with a crash
My words soar up like eagles
then fall down dead with a crash
And that empty space where God was,
The devil's filling it with trash

When the evening breeze is blowing
I feel joy on the wing
When the evening breeze is blowing
I feel joy on the wing
The future starts unfolding
like a flower in the spring
Then he comes round with his poison
that blossom withers on the stem
He comes round with his dram of evil
that flower's blasted on the stem
The whole world becomes a dungeon
Nobody there but me and him

Buncrana unfortunates, it's that time of year again - parking permits

Look what popped into the postbox this morning.  Merry Christmas from Donegal County Council.

Not many readers would be aware of problems some local residents are experiencing and have endured for the past 10 years over parking outside their homes. 

Seeing that it's almost the 10th anniversary let us remind Donegal County Council and those councilors (former Buncrana Councillors)  who were responsible for such a discriminatory and unjust piece of local legislation.  More specifically let us remind Councilors Nicholas Crossan (Ind) and Pádraig Mac Lochlainn (Sinn Fein) who were the prime movers.

Each year some 'unfortunate' residents are forced to go through this demeaning process of filling in a form, supplying proof of vehicle and domicile to apply for a single permit, for a single car,  for the privilege of parking outside their own homes.

It directly affects residents on the Main Street, the adjacent streets and some selected areas in the town.   However, it incidentally affects many other people outside the areas especially family members and friends.

Some residents are affected worse than others e.g the elderly, the sick and especially residents without a driveway or who rely on the street to park. 

All visitors and family wishing to visit must pay parking.  If someone stays over, visiting a parent say,  they must get up before 9am and feed a parking meter.  We believe there might be a waiver for a death.

All residents outside these areas are not required to seek permits .  Can you imagine the difficulty this incurs?


The application form includes what it calls an 'Important Checklist'

"First-time Applicants: Enclose 2 current proofs of residency, copy of Vehicle Registration i.e. Tax Book or Vehicle Licensing Certificate, copy of insurance and copy of driving licence."

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Below residents protest outside Buncrana Council office December 2007.

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                                or read at this link

At the time of original protest, almost 10 years ago,  a residents delegation to a council meeting was told, sarcastically,  that what we were looking for (i.e. a reasonable number of permits per household which could be given to our visitors)  was out of the questions.  The reason given was that we would use these permits to make money.  Now isn't that trusting and isn't it a typical business way of thinking.  Do you remember Nicholas and Padraig? 

Irish Water has cost State €2bn

by Joe Leogue, Irish Examiner

Irish Water will have cost the State over €2bn by the end of the year, according to government projections.

Figures released to the Irish Examiner show the controversial utility will cost the State €844m in 2016 alone, when its operating subvention, capital contributions and the replacement revenue — provided by the State following the decision to suspend billing customers — are taken into consideration.


The State gave Irish Water €678m and €621m in 2014 and 2015 respectively in operating subventions and capital contributions, bringing the total cost to €2.143bn over the past three years.

The operating subventions from the Government were paid in respect of concessions Irish Water was to pass onto customers, such as free allowances for children.

The Department of Housing, Planning, Community and Local Government released the figures following a request for the total cost to the State in establishing Irish Water to date.

“The provision of State funding to Irish Water is made up of a number of elements,” a department spokesperson said.

“Only those elements which do not have an expected return are counted for the purposes of calculating the cost to the State. For example, Irish Water received borrowings and not subvention for the costs of the domestic metering programme.

“No exchequer funds have been provided for the establishment costs of Irish Water.”

In 2014, the State provided a €439m operating subvention and €239m in capital contributions or equity. Last year, its operating subvention dropped to €399m and capital contributions came in at €222m.

However, 2016 has proven to be the costliest year to date. While capital contributions dropped to a low of €184m, the operating subvention rose to a high of €479m.

Furthermore, in 2016, the State gave Irish Water €181m in replacement revenue.

“Following the Government decision of 18th October 2016, it was agreed to provide Irish Water with an additional subvention of up to €181m to allow Irish Water meet the shortfall in its projected revenue stream that arose due to the suspension of domestic water charges,” the department said.

The figures are revealed as the 20-member Oireachtas committee on the future funding of domestic water services meets tomorrow for the first time since the publication of the Duffy report on charges.

Source: Irish Examiner, Dec 12 2016