World Health Organization blatant failure on radiofrequency/microwave radiation


This is a letter and petition sent by Olga Sheean to Dr Margaret Chan, Director-General,  World Health Organization on 30th January 2017.  The letter states

"The World Health Organization is failing the Earth’s citizens in the most blatant, destructive manner. In December 2016, a VOTE of NO CONFIDENCE in WHO and its EMF Project was initiated in response to the growing concerns among the millions of global citizens being harmed by radiofrequency/microwave radiation. The petition has been signed by thousands of individuals worldwide, with more adding their vote every day as they become aware of how WHO’s denial of the proven dangers has stripped them of their health, rights, livelihood, productivity and protection from their own governments. As of today, 30 January 2017, there are 2,003 names on the list (attached), with more being added daily. Details of the voting initiative are shown in appendix 3. Recognizing the significance of this growing discontent with your wilful neglect, and heeding the urgent call to protective action, are important first steps towards addressing an epidemic that threatens all forms of life on our planet. Nothing short of full implementation of the recommendations presented herein will resolve this crisis. Radiofrequency/microwave radiation is everywhere—constantly and increasingly emanating from cell phones, WiFi routers, cell towers and telecommunications satellites. It is proliferating unchecked and people are suffering

and dying because of it. Via its International EMF Project, WHO is supposed to be protecting us from the harmful effects of this radiation — radiation that we cannot see, smell or taste, even though it penetrates and affects every cell of our electromagnetic bodies. WHO is failing to protect its global citizens from this pervasive pollutant in four key ways:

          Olga Sheean

         Olga Sheean

1. industry infiltration
2. intentional ignorance
3. denial of the science
4. disregard for humanity

This document provides details of these inexcusable failures and what urgently needs to be done to address them. It also outlines what WHO must do to reverse this destructive course—for itself and for the global citizens it is supposed to protect. One of the most crucial and urgent steps to be taken is the replacement of the head of the EMF Project, Emilie van Deventer (an electrical engineer with zero health credentials) with an independent, unbiased, medically qualified professional who has firsthand experience and knowledge of microwave sickness/electro-sensitivity and the many other devastating consequences, such as brain cancer, neurological disorders, DNA damage and infertility.

You can no longer claim ignorance or justify any further delay. Only one question remains, and what you do next will clearly demonstrate where you stand on this issue:

Are you committed to forever debating the science, siding with industry and postponing action, or are you committed to protecting our health? The world is watching and we are waiting for your response."

Olga Sheean

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WHO-Setting the standard for a wireless world of harm

Smart Meters fail data privacy tests

What you didn't know about your fitness tracker and your right to privacy

by Adrian Weckler
     Irish Independent

Irish Data Protection Commissioner Helen Dixon

Irish Data Protection Commissioner Helen Dixon

Smart electricity meters and wearable fitness trackers are failing Irish people’s privacy, according to a new report by the data protection regulator.

Helen Dixon’s office will now “step up” audits of technology devices after a survey of 300 ‘internet of things’ devices found “alarming shortfalls in the management of personal data by developers and suppliers”.

The study also involved 25 other data protection authorities. It showed that three quarters of device manufacturers failed to explain how customers could delete their information. It also showed that two thirds of manufacturers failed to explain how information was stored, while three in five failed to explain how personal information would be collected and processed. Just over a third of manufacturers failed to include easily identifiable contact details if customers had privacy concerns.

In the Irish area of study, nine devices were investigated ranging from smart electricity meters to fitness trackers. The data regulator declined to name the manufacturers involved.

However, the office is considering action “against those who are found to be in breach of legislation”.

“The Office of the Data Protection Commissioner is planning to scale up investigative and audit work in this area in 2017,” said John Rogers, the data watchdog’s senior investigations officer who coordinated the Irish sweep. “We have already begun to schedule audits of devices in the technology sector. The purpose of these audits will be to gauge compliance with the Data Protection Acts and to work with companies to ensure that their products are meeting the required standards.”

The sweep was coordinated by the Global Privacy Enforcement Network, an informal network of global data protection agencies.

Source: Fliuch, Sept 23, 2016
             Irish Independent, Sept 22, 2016

Irish Independent, Sept 22, 2016

CER Smart Metering Project – Phase 3 – Public Consultation

Fliuch members constantly look out for news about smart meters yet none of us saw this announced in any newspaper or on any radio or TV station – did you?

Putting a call out for public opinion during storms and flooding and so close to Christmas makes us suspect that the timing was deliberate and cynical.

We’ve looked through the five documents on the CER website (38 pages, 44 pages, 50 pages, 38 pages and 4 pages) and even though we have technically minded people even we found it difficult to see how a ‘regular’ member of the public could make an informed submission about this.

The CER has already made huge decisions that will affect all of us yet with extremely little input from the citizenry. Such big decisions that have economic, health and privacy implications for all of us should involve forums where people can physically attend, ask questions and make ‘amateur’ submissions (submissions that don’t involve getting a degree in electromechanics, communications or economics etc.).

We would encourage everyone to follow the smart meters link on this website and browse through other posts relating to smart meters.

Published: 8/Dec/2015

Response Deadline: 22/Jan/2016

Consultation Open – Responses to:

CER has today, Tuesday 8 December 2015, published decisions relating to the rollout of Time of Use Tariffs (ToU) and Smart Pay-As-You-Go, to be facilitated by smart meters.

CER also invites views from members of the public and industry on proposed decisions relating to regulation of transition activities for market participants and consumer protection.

Closing date for responses is the 22nd of January 2016.