Brave New World and Why Irish Water must be stopped

Article by Buncrana Together - Edited

Ireland has a chance to abolish Irish Water Ltd along with all the related oppressive legislation and relegate them to the toxic scrapheap of history, cover it with a ten inch thick leaded dome, never to surface again.

We then should turn our attention to it's inventors and those who enthusiastically helped in it's creation and development, like Dracula's controlled helpers.  We must strike a stake through their greedy hearts, bury them and never allow them to do such a thing again.

In the case of Irish Water's and Government minister's insatiable thirst for power and profit, sucking dry Ireland's life force, this sarcophagus is a necessity.  It must be done now before there is no going back. 

Control and ownership is the weapon.  This essential natural resource, our water, our lakes, seas, rivers, reservoirs and infrastructure must be given back to the people of Ireland. To ensure this, it's day to day running should be undertaken by much needed reformed local authorities where representatives and ordinary citizens have more say and control.  This time, however, the water authorities must be properly funded, have proper long term plans to satisfy the needs of the people and the infrastructure must not be allowed to be neglected, underfunded as it has been.

Control must not be centralised but must be as close to our citizens as possible. This is the only way to ensure our continual ownership and to ensure it will never fall into the hands of unknown, worldwide private investors and speculators.

Control of this resource involves costs and how it is funded.  Water can not be allowed to be turned into a commodity. This is the present plan of the Government and Irish Water. The principle of turning our natural resource into a commodity is wrong. Part and parcel of turning it into a money making operation is the idea of meters, especially smart meters which determine how much you use and so will determine how much you pay. Every person should have the fundamental right to good, clean, hygienic water. It is a natural right, an amenity and it is a health necessity.

Not only that but water is a resource which has immense importance for our economy. The only way to ensure that it is not turned into a commodity is by funding it through taxation.

Central control whether by government or especially by the private sector is dangerous especially when dealing with this valuable resource. Not only because of the potential for extortion and exploitation but also for corruption.

Corruption has one master, power and a lot of disciples.

The old saying power corrupts is very apt in this context. We see Irish Water and it's faceless bureaucratic apparatus splashing billions of euro about, cosying up to Ministers, and European magnates such as the ECB and the international IMF and working hand in hand with billionaires like Denis O'Brien. Sometimes it is difficult to see who is controlling who. Is it Irish Water controlling the Government or is it the other way about? Maybe it is all one and the same. Lately we see Irish Water has developed plans to extract 330 of water a day from the Shannon and pipe it all the way to Dublin, costing they say 1 billion euro. We heard that before. 600 landowners are going to get their palms greased to facilitate this.  See this article 'Irish Water Ltd presents controversial plan'.   Butterring up the locals seems to be the way of doing business. This was done in the Corrib gas controversy in County Mayo. We even had Shell spokespersons saying they made mistakes at the start and they should have buttered up the locals from the start.

Brave New World

It was this revelation by Fliuch'Smart Metering Project Phase 3 Public Consultation' which sparked off this article. CER, Commission For Energy Regulations. Another bureaucratic body is going through the consultation motions but in the end will give their full steam ahead approval for 'Smart Meter'. You can find out all about these meters in

People are of the opinion that it wouldn't happen, that it is not as sinister as that, that our government and regulators will protect our health and freedom. If this article does not make you site up and take notice nothing will.

Big brother, mind control is coming and it's coming with a vengeance.