Right2Water Ireland blocks Buncrana Together writer

I have been blocked by R2W for posting the comment below on facebook.  R2W seem pretty sensitivity over the issue of so called leadership accepting 'charging for excessive use'.   R2W can't answer the fact that their officials Stevie Fitzpatrick and Dave Gibney are on Dáil record agreeing charges for excessive use of domestic water during the Oireachtas Committee on Domestic Water debate February 2017.  My contention is that their acceptance opens the door to household metering.  How else can excessive use be measured?

by Enda Craig


Engineer , Mr Martin Lavelle asked R2W on their facebook page. on Aug 28 - " You tell me how a District Metering Zone meter can identify bone fide usage and leakages. You said it could. "

Two full days have come and gone since R2W was asked to explain how district metering can measure an individual daily allowance of water to each Irish home as they, R2W, have proposed.

No answer has so far been forthcoming.

Nor will there be one because it is an engineering impossibility.

R2W has signed up in your name ( listen to clip above ) in the Oireachtas Committee on Water Charges to a ' small daily ration of water with charges for excessive use ' .

This means they have accepted in your name, regardless of statements to the contrary, a domestic metering programme.

Right2WaterIreland's comment

"Right2WaterIreland Enda, we are R2W, you are Enda Craig, we will tell you our 'official position', you can do what you want with your own, but please have a little bit of decorum and stop misrepresenting us.  We have had an official position for more than two years now - one which was sanctioned by a conference of delegates from unions, political parties and community groups. You already know this. Your obsession with misrepresenting R2W is getting highly suspicious at this stage. If you keep it up, and keep spreading lies, we will block you from this page. Thanks"

So which is the official version, the above or one that is on Dáil records, in full video, supporting a statement on radio by Brendan Ogle agreeing with excessive or maybe it is R2W support for Lynn Boylan's (Sinn Féin) 2015 European Citizen's Initiative calling for 'excessive use charges'?