Solidarity/People Before Profit's press release today on latest developments in the Oireachtas Water Committee

Paul Murphy spokesperson for Solidarity/People Before Profit at their press release on today's Oireachtas Water Committee.

Solidarity and People Before Profit spokesman Paul Murphy today at a press release outside Leinster House on today's proceedings at the Oireachtas Committee on Funding Water.  

Mr Murphy called today's events a 'victory' for the Anti Water Charge Campaign but later admits that 'it's not over yet'.  This is emphasised again later when he says that the Committee will have to vote on each item tomorrow.  However he says he is confident.  

There is also a sliver of doubt in his comments about whether Fianna Fáil will stay the course.  

There are also a number of niggling questions that we still have that were not brought up e.g what is the water allowance of 133 litres per day for, how is this assessed and how will the excess be managed?  Hopefully these questions will be clarified tomorrow.