Ireland's Joint Water Committee 2017 groveling award

Those who have been following Ireland’s controversial Water issue for the past few decades would know about how much EU political interference has been applied to pressurise Ireland into bringing in domestic water metering and charges. They would also know about the slavish willingness of some Government Ministers, mainstream media and individuals to kowtow to Brussels' diktats and even to perhaps misinform the public.

In recent years Ireland’s water issue brought up many examples of this proverbial Irish trait of cap tipping or forelock tugging to foreign masters.  However, a recent ‘Joint Committee on Future Funding of Domestic Water Charges’ meeting on the 15th February 2017 showed EU Commissioner, Mr. Aurel Ciobanu-Dordea finger wagging and threatening fire and brimstone on the Irish nation if it did not abide by European Law.

In light of the above we thought it appropriate to remember this memorable event by awarding Jan O’Sullivan, Labour Party, best groveling award for outstanding ability in the field.

Finally all that remains to be said is we must give credit to Minister Simon Coveney for managing, hand picking and directing allparties involved. It goes without saying that the resulting impasse of 10/10 was no coincidence.

Jan O'Sullivan TD asking EU Commissioner, Mr. Aurel Ciobanu-Dordea whether it would be alright if the committee run it's draft report by the EU Commission before presenting it to the Dáil. 


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