#JobstownNotGuilty - Protest is not a Crime

Saturday 1 April 2017, 1pm - 4pm Liberty Hall Dublin


"As someone who is an expert in what being falsely imprisoned is I can say this was not false imprisonment. This was a community exerting its democratic right to oppose an unjust policy. A right that we should all be proud to defend." Paddy Hill, Birmingham Six

Paddy Hill served 16 years in prison - along with the rest of the Birmingham 6, for a crime he had nothing to do with. Members of the Rossport 5 were jailed 94 days for standing up against the Shell corporation and their plans to build a pipeline through their community. They will be joined by Jimmy Kelly of UNITE the union, former MEP and justice campaigner Patricia McKenna and others at this major campaign rally for #JobstownNotGuilty.

A 17 year old school student has already been found guilty of false imprisonment – a verdict a barrister described as “a recipe for totalitarianism”. 18 adults are awaiting trial - starting on the 24th April 2017 - and facing serious prison sentences if convicted. The trials, which will be six to eight weeks long, themselves will place enormous stress and strain on the defendants. If jailed, families would be left in very difficult situations, with jobs lost and parents in prison. If TD Paul Murphy is jailed for more than six months, he will be removed as a TD, denying the democratic choice of the people of Dublin South West.

All this relates to an anti water charges protest in Jobstown, Tallaght in Dublin on 15th November 2014, where then Tánaiste Joan Burton’s car was delayed for 2 and ½ hours by a spontaneous community protest.

If these protesters are found guilty, the definition of “false imprisonment” will be changed. Any protest that causes even a momentary delay, which for example inconveniences a politician, could be deemed to be “kidnapping”. This is about intimidating people and criminalising protest

Just a few weeks before the trials start, this major rally will make the case that these trials can affect all of our right to protest. A major campaign for justice is now needed. Join us on April 1st and reserve your place at the link below. We will be in touch via email to confirm your attendance.

Source: #JobstownNotGuilty