EPA finds water for 46,000 people has cancer-linked pollutant

BT - 10 supplies in Donegal including Greencastle exceed accepted levels of trihalomethanes see this article here for details

By Shannonside news - 1st February 2017

Water supplies serving 46,000 people in the Shannonside region have elevated levels of trihalomethanes – which are environmental pollutants that have been linked to cancer according to the EPA.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency’s ‘remedial action list’ for the fourth quarter of 2016, four supplies in Longford and two in Roscommon had above the permitted standard of the chemical compound.


A supply serving nearly 10,000 people in Ballymahon was found to have elevated levels of THMs, along with a source for 5,100 people in Gowna

There were similar findings from the EPA in the Granard and Longford Central supplies, which serve a total of nearly 22,000 people.

Three water supplies in Roscommon feature on the list, with the Grangemore, near Boyle, and North Roscommon Regional sources having elevated THMs.

These serve nearly 9,400 people, while the North Roscommon Regional supply featured on the list for having inadequate treatment for cryptosporidium.

No supply in Leitrim is on the remedial action list, with the South Leitrim Regional Water Supply among two that have been removed from it.

In a statement, Irish Water confirms that works are progressing and are on target across the four water supplies in Roscommon that are on the list.

It says it’s investing in ongoing projects to tackle different risks posted to the water supplies affected more than 18,000 people in the county.

Source: Shannonside.ie, Feb 1, 2017