BC Hydro smart meters have been colossal failure

ByKamloops This Week- Jan 8, 2017


The B.C. Liberal government’s Clean Energy Act forced smart meters on everyone.

Compare the promises with the outcome:

a) “Energy rates will be reduced.” This has not happened anywhere. Look at Ontario, for example.

b) “It’s good for the environment.” How? Where has this proven to be true?

c) “There will be efficiencies.” Not with life spans of smart meters being far shorter than given in the business case — closer to five years than the promised 20.

d) “Measurements Canada has stricter guidelines that analogs don’t meet.” Not true, according to Measurements Canada itself. They don’t care what meter is used, as long as it’s accurate.

e) “Analogs are not available.” Not true. Look to California.

f) “Smart meters are safe in every regard.” Not true. Health is endangered by radio frequency, safety by fires and security by hacking and cyberattacks.

g) “Costs will be reduced.” Not when the meters are being replaced/upgraded virtually constantly. Not when security measures could cost billions and were never included in the initial business plan.

A BC Hydro rep told me they “treat everyone equally,” yet was silent when I questioned the extortion fees the refuseniks were paying for manual readings, while smart meter owners receive the same service without extra charge.

The BC Utilities Commission was disempowered by former premier Gordon Campbell’s mandate. Had it been able to do its job, the smart-meter program would have been revealed for the colossal financial fiasco it is, endangering our health, privacy, safety and security.

Stop it now and cut our losses. Get these smart meters recalled and bring the safe, cheap, dependable analogs back by changing the Clean Energy Act.

P. Gregson

Source: http://fliuch.org/bc-hydro-smart-meters-have-been-colossal-failure/