Crown Estate flotsam washed up in Greencastle sheds light on Lough Foyle controversy

The flotsam referred to is of course a little memorandum that floated our way electronically.  Mr Enda Craig, SaveTheFoyle, was able to snatch a copy of the Foyle Carlingford and Irish Lights Commission meeting in Ballymascanlon Hotel, Dundalk on 9th May 2007 from their web page before it was taken down. 

The document is a revelation that sheds light on the controversy surrounding the ownership of Lough Foyle.  You can view a recent RTE Prime Time programme here 'Prime Time disputed ownership of Lough Foyle - a clondyke for some but at what cost

The message,from the minutes of a 2007 Commission meeting on the subject of an agreement between CEC (Crown Estates Commission) and DCMNR (Dept of Communications Marine and Natural Resources), clearly states;

Wednesday 09th May 2007, Ballymascanlon Hotel, Dundalk
42nd Meeting of the Foyle Carlingford and Irish Lights

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" Barry Fox informed the Board on recent contact made with Charles Green from the Crown Estates Commission.  He advised that there have been a number of queries from Charles regarding the hecterage currently being used for aquaculture in Lough Foyle.  The Agency has been reluctant to supply this information as it will encourage CEC to pursue a higher rent in Lough Foyle than the Department of Marine may agree."

The Lough Agency is an agency of the Foyle Carlingford and Irish Lights Commission established as one of the cross-border bodies under the 1998 Good Friday Agreement.

This would suggest that the Irish Government have been paying rent to the Crown Estate.  This is something that is recorded and must be known.


Due to the environmental disaster in Lough Foyle and many other problems and in light of England leaving the European Union, the question of the ownership of these Loughs can no longer be brushed under the carpet.