Irish State's political case against Jobstown Protesters restarts with jury selection Jan 26 2017

On Jan 26 2017 the Prosecution will outline their position on who should be excluded from jury selection this April.

According to the campaign's facebook page 'Jobstown Not Guilty. Who Judges?'  it states"In the Seanie Fitz case we saw the exclusion of'Juror 791'  because she was an anti- austerity campaigner, an attempt to create a jury of the 1% for the 1%.  The Jobstown judge has already noted the divide in society over this case.  With 73% of people boycotting the last water bill it is clear that there could be a serious attempt by the state to undermine the jury selection process or to further try and isolate the accused group.

With one of us already found guilty of false imprisonment a precedent has been set.  We need your help to build a major campaign of public information and protest between now and April to help us win the public debate against the media and the political establishment.

Paul Murphy TD

Paul Murphy TD

Paul Murphy TD AAA, says"please come to support us on Thursday. All the indications are that the prosecution are going to try to rig the jury in such a way to exclude people more likely to be against water charges!  Don't let them get away with it.  Join the protest at the courts at 9.30am."

If you want to be part of the campaign to prevent another miscarriage of justice message us on Facebook or sign up here


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