Justice In Focus: 9/11 | 2016 - A Weekend Symposium in NYC

Land of the Free, Home of the Brave

To mark the anniversary of 9/11, 15 years after what could be described as the most significant event this century when 2996 people died and over 6000 were injured in attacks at the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon,   the brave men and women of  Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, Lawyers Committee for 9/11 Inquiry, NY State Legislative Action Project for 9/11 Justice, 9/11 Consensus Panel, 9/11 Truth Action Project held a weekend symposium  beginning September 10 in New York, NY.  

These attacks served as the pretext for the 'Global War on Terrorism'.  This warcontinues to the present day.  It has caused the deaths of millions of people, the destruction of countries and sovereign governments and the displacement of millions of people.  It has has been the catalystfor the introduction of the worst draconian legislation everin America itself but also worldwide.

Justice In Focus:9/11 -  Introduction  click image

Justice In Focus:9/11 -  Introduction click image


The symposium which was held in the Great Hall of Cooper Union , New York City was livestreamed worldwide and nearer at hand was covered by BBC4.  This significant event was unfortunately and possibly diplomatically  ignored by our very own RTE and media in Ireland.

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The conference featured keynote addresses from renowned legal figures, academics, leading architects and engineers, family members of the victims, and featured  presentations by movement leaders and researchers, and day-long evidentiary hearings on the forensics evidence and eyewitness testimony at World Trade Center’s destruction, which will be conducted by a panel of esteemed lawyers. 


Daniel Sheehan warns 9/11 Justice In Focus symposium attendees of the difficulties getting justice in our politicised Federal Courts after 50 years' experience. September 10, 2016.   45 min video by Joe Friendly.

" I've lived this for 50 years, We have been in Washington for 20 years.  We have been on the inside of these things for a very long time.  I'm telling you this is one major hill that you are talking about climbing.  But we have climbed a few in the past, all of us together and the fact of the matter is that this may well be the biggest hill ever to climb because the type of theories that are being implied by some of this evidence that is being developed are so extraordinary that they qualify as one of these types of crimes that shake the very foundations of the legal order itself."  Daniel Sheehan

For full information on this event see http://www.ae911truth.org/