Irish Water stopped metering in Carrigmore Tallaght Dublin due to protest

Irish Water tried to install meters in Carrigmore Lawns in Tallaght, Dublin on June 28, 2016.  However this attempt by Farrens contractors was stopped by residents.  'We Won't Pay the Water Tax - Tallaght'  community group published a letter from Irish Water to Cllr Kieran Mahon who complained on behalf of the residents.   

The Tallaght group informed readers to "disregard the part in the letter about 'hostile protesters' because they said it is simply not true.  One of the points that readers should note is the point about 'advanced notice'.  Of course the main point is the use of peaceful protest against installations and the mobilisation of local communities."

The group ended by highlighting the last line in the letter where Irish Water stated " We can also confirm there are no further plans to return to Tallaght to install meter at the moment".  However, he Tallaght community group warned people to be vigilant.

Below is a letter from Irish Water to Councillor Mahon who represented the residents of Carrigmore Lawns.

Dear Councillor Mahon,

In response to your query on behalf of the residents from Carrigmore Lawns in Tallaght.

Irish Water is currently implementing Phase 1 of the National Metering Programme whereby water meters are being installed outside domestic residences on publicly-accessible land. The meters are being installed in line with the survey results as carried out by each Local Authority. Any properties that have been identified as suitable for a water meter and are scheduled for meter installations under the works programme are being notified a minimum of two weeks in advance of the meter being installed where practicable. The metering project team endeavours to provide further notification at least 3 days in advance of the installation. Irish Water and its contractors endeavour to meet this requirement where possible, however, there are occasions when works have to be re-scheduled at short notice.

Cllr Kieran Mahon, AAA   

Cllr Kieran Mahon, AAA


We can confirm that in that 10 properties in Carrigmore Lawns received D14 notices last week and D2 notices on the morning of the planned works, the 28th June. However, while attempting to install these 10 meters yesterday, our contractors encountered a very hostile group of protestors, they returned to site this morning to backfill the excavations, tidy up the area and put up barriers as they were prevented from doing this yesterday. The permanent reinstatement will be completed as soon as possible. We can also confirm that there are no further plans to return to Tallaght to install meters at the moment.
Yours sincerely,

Local Representative Support Desk

Original facebook article;  We Won't Pay the Water Tax-Tallaght