Ceann Comhairle Seán O'Fearghaíl refused Dáil Éireann explanation why he ruled out AAA/PBP amendments

Dáil Éireann debate, July 12, on the Water Services (Amendment) Bill 2016 got off to a bad start when Comhairle Seán O'Fearghaíl refused a point of order when Anti Austerity Alliance/People Before Profit wanted an explanation why their amendments were refused.  According to Ceann Comhairle there is "no provision here" for him to explain to the Dáil why he refused the amendments.  Because of this red tape the interested public, like Paul Murphy, are left in the dark and wondering why a proper democratic debate was not allowed.

As part of the agreement with Fianna Fail party, the Government introduced this Water Service Bill  to legislate for, what many see , as the controversial suspension of Water Charges for nine months or longer and for the setting up of a Water Commission to look into the issue.

Mr Murphy said "Yesterday, AAA-PBP put down numerous amendments to the Bill which suspends water charges & creates the Water Commission.  Part of our amendment was the suspension of water metering and that the Commission should examine water poverty.  It is scandalously these were all ruled out of order"

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