Brexit the movie questions European Union or whatever it is called

We decided to put this up because not only is it funny but also very relevant to the forthcoming European battle in the saga of Water Charges.  

The majority of people in Ireland have voted against the commodification and privitisation of our water resources  but the European Commission is saying that this is against EU law,  see  details of the issue (Commission says we are no longer exempt from water charges).  

The Commission's response should be accompanied with a warning'  'it is only an opinion', their interpretation of the relevant Water Framework Directive.  It is in fact is  quite wrong see ' To pay or not to pay, there is not question' by Marian Harkin, MEP.  

We now have Taoiseach Enda Kenny, in today's Irish Independent 'You're going to have to pay water charges', enthusiastically backing the Commission's diktat and  who  quite happy to hand our sovereignty to the Commission saying 'water charges can't be abolished.  Wonder what Fianna Fail make of that article in respect to their agreement for government?