Richard Boyd Barrett Dáil speech on the UK vote to leave the EU

Richard Boyd Barrett speaking in Dáil Éireann, June 27, 2016, on the recent the UK referendum. 

"There is a dishonest narrative going around that all leave voters in the UK are racist.

Richard Boyd Barrett slams the EU as an undemocratic force that is causing the problems such as racism and xenophobia due to its policies of brutal austerity.

There are of course racist and xenophobic forces that we must oppose in the strongest possible was and defeat.

We must look at who funds the remain campaign- Goldman Sachs, City Group, Morgan Stanley and the Hedge Funds of London,  the very same groups that caused the financial crisis which the policy of austerity protects.

The EU has slaughtered the people of Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Ireland and also the refugees who are being sent to Turkey where they are being shot."