Wednesday May 25, Dáil Eireann will debate a motion for the abolition of water charges

People Before Profit, Anti Austerity Alliance, Sinn Fein, Independents For Change, Social Democrats will support a motion  for the abolition of Water Charges.  They are calling for as many people as possible to gather outside the Dail   

People Before Profit in a statement

"On Weds 25th of May the Dáil will debate a motion by 39 TDs calling for the abolition of the water charge.

We need as many people as possible at the Dáil gates at 5pm that day to make sure they understand we voted for abolition not 'suspension'.

People power made water charges the issue of the election- let's make sure they hear us loud and clear on Weds May 25th!

Abolish the charge!