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The Hub Ireland is calling on newly elected TDs to follow some practical points to alleviate the suffering thousands of families are subjected as a result of mortgage debt, the banking system and government ineptitude or inability to do anything about the root causes.  The Hub says that it's wish list is not exhaustible but is achievable and are calling on people to apply pressure on local TDs.

The Hub-Ireland, 21 Little Mary Street, Dublin 7, 01 534 9118 -

The Hub-Ireland, 21 Little Mary Street, Dublin 7, 01 534 9118 -

Suggestions For Our Representatives

The separation of power between the Registrar and the Sheriff.

A separate office and distinction between the Registrar and Sheriff, no poundage on possession!

A complaints board before a judicial review against the action of the County Registrar.

The suspension of the pooling system of solicitors in the Circuit Court.

A suspension of all eviction and ejectment notices for two years to allow a resolve to the present crisis to fully unfold.

A halt to receivership where the local business is viable but for debt that the banks erroneously added: allow Ireland to recover.

A mechanism to ensure observation of Circuit Court and High Court rules.

A mechanism to stop the banks selling ‘toxic’ loans.

A control mechanism to stop vulture funds buying loans at €0.19 cent in the €uro and demanding 100 % of the loan value.

More control over the institutions of the Land Registry Ireland, the Companies Registration Office and the Valuations Office: making them more accountable to the people of Ireland and the justice System.



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Following graph and info from 'Failure of Irish Politics' by Padraig O'Mara

                                Graph from ' Failure of Irish Politics' by Padraig O'Mara        

                                Graph from 'Failure of Irish Politics' by Padraig O'Mara



Padraig O'Mara in 'Failure of Irish Politics' said“vulture funds are preparing to pull the trigger on hundreds of business foreclosures and property receiverships in the aftermath of the election

This is certainly consistent with news in late 2015 that the Government had ordered county registrars to lay off on evictions until after the election, for fear of a voter backlash.