Local Inishowen Newspaper reveals Greencastle drinking water scandal

Well done Inishowen Independent for this article.   It is amazing to see the comments coming from Irish Water andthe HSE, especially.  Anyone would think that the HSE are supposed to exist for our protection.  It seems both outfits are intent on minimising what is evidentally a disgraceful revelation that at least 410,000, including 2000 in the Shrove area, have been consuming trihalomethane in their drinking water, a cancerous causing chemical.  And not only that this has been happening for years.  Could we have an investigation please?  Only this will give us some reassurance.

The response from Cllr Farren is absolutely weak .  Instead of representing pathetic comments from Irish Water representatives he should at least call for an immediate investigation and demand, without equivocation, the closure of this outdated plant at Ballymacarthur, Greencastle. 

However, it must be emphasised there is a total blank when it comes to responses to this outrage from all local political representatives.