Peter B Collins Interview: Prof. Cedric de Leon Details History of “Right to Work” Laws, and Offers Smart Criticism of Labor-Democrat Dysfunction

Peter B Collins alternative news podcast from the West Coast of America Dec 16 2016


I know, I know, the subject of trade unions ain't the most riveting news item but this podcast where Peter B interviews Cedric de Leon, a professor of sociology and former labor organizer about his book 'The Origins of Right to Work', introduces some fundamental issues about Trade Unionism, where it's at in the present day and can it get back to it's grassroots.  Note, the 'Right to Work' legislation is not what you might think it is.

Trade Unionism is universal and so too is it's decent into a reactionary, introverted, sort of corporate, undemocratic entity controlled by highly paid executives, hitched to political parties and uninterested in any social or ecological issues other than their narrow introverted, selfish members financial interest.  It is like joining forces with corporations to keep members in check and 'I'm alright Jack' attitude.

Here are a couple of Irish newspaper links to articles, incidentally relating to water charges issue,  touching onTrade Unionism here andit's disharmony, in a way reactionary and it's aimless, selfish, egocentric, narrow focus.  The first is the infamous water charges advocate andIrish Water SIPTU rep, Adrian Kane,  reacting to Fianna Fáil wanting to scrap Irish Water -  Unions in warning to Fianna Fáil over Irish Water jobs .  The second, ironically we get Trade Unions complaining about the water movement moving too 'Left' - Trade union stance threatens to split anti-water charges campaign .  Now ain't that a bit of a conundrum- trade unions moving left, not since the days of Connolly and Larkin.

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