George Galloway to take Q&A after Gasyard Centre screening of 'The Killings of Tony Blair'


The Killings of Tony Blair, the film documenting the political career of the former British Prime Minister, will get its Derry premiere when it is screened in the Gasyard Centre at 7.30pm on Sunday, 27 November.

The feature-length documentary, co-written and presented by well-known politician George Galloway, will be followed by a question and answer session with Galloway.

The film examines the prime-ministerial career of Blair and his business activities since leaving office – a role that Galloway describes as ‘The Blair Rich Project’.

Combining testimony from prominent observers, ambassadors and statesmen, with extensive archive footage, animation and illustrations from the award-winning political cartoonist Steve Bell, Galloway sets out his argument that, despite good things that his government achieved, Blair’s actions since leaving office reveal that his overriding motivation may have always been a messianic pursuit of personal glory and financial reward.

In a period when, arguably, the nation’s politicians have never looked worse amidst the chaos of the Brexit, the subsequent disarray within the major parties and the findings of the Chilcot Report, “The Killings of Tony Blair” is seen as a timely and thought-provoking exposé which denounces the corruption of the UK’s political elite.

Galloway’s lively and in-depth narrative weaves together the facts of Blair’s political career, his premiership, the decision to join the USA in the invasion of Iraq and his subsequent role as globe-trotting peace envoy with acerbic commentary and personal insights from an impressive range of highly-informed contributors.

Immediately on leaving office, Blair embarked on the highly lucrative public speaking circuit.

He also launched a global business empire, Tony Blair Inc.

A key focus of the film is the Iraq War and Blair’s transformation into a self-styled warrior in the war on terror.

Under Blair’s leadership, Britain joined George Bush’s crusade to dominate the Middle East – the main energy-producing region of the world.

Galloway does not hold back from presenting his opinion on what he believes to be one of the worst crimes of the century and the hypocrisy of Tony Blair.

Tickets, priced £6, are available from the Gasyard Cenre on Lecky Road or through Eventbrite.