Eamonn McCann public talk Lake of Shadows, Buncrana, November 23

Eamonn McCann, Northern Ireland People Before Profit, MLA will be the main speaker in the Lake of Shadows Hotel. November 23, 2016 ,7pm for a public discussion hosted by Buncrana/Inishowen People Before Profit.

People Before Profit states
"North and South, Ireland is becoming more unequal. Poverty is rife. Corporations do what they want and won't pay taxes to fund desperately needed public services. Government corruption is rife.
Hundreds of thousands have taken to the streets across Ireland to say no to Water Charges; to demand Equal Marriage and the right to choose for women. Workers are beginning to take action to demand their share of the recovery that government ministers keep on talking about.
Join Eamonn McCann to discuss how we can challenge inequality and injustice to bring about a Socialist Ireland."

Source: PBP Donegal facebook page