Participatory Democracy The Bullman Way

Eureka! what an idea, we will have to follow this Youghal man closely.  His political philosophy is like a breath of fresh air.  It will blow the cobwebs away from the stale, boring, maddening, humdrum political system which we have been saddled with for years and years and years, a centenial almost.   A system where we elect someone, promising the earth, moon and starts,  on a wing and a prayer,  never to hear from them again for another four years while they sit in the windy old Oireachtas halls gathering dust and a big hefty salary.     Sweep away the bluffers, the spiffs, the spouting financial gurus, the fiscal charlatans.  Ireland needs a clean sweep.   

Unlike the Battle of Kinsale,  this time we might win our political and intellectual freedoms.   Man!  we need change badly.  We need independent thinkers, fresh ideas.  We need people with integrity,  people who will not sell their soul for the whiff of a sovereign.  Could this be'The Paddy Bullman Way' .

Paddy Bullman is standing in the 2016 Irish General election as an Independent candidate for East Cork.   He is advocating 'Participatory Democracy'.   Before Mr Bullman briefly explains his philosophy, here is an extract from Wikipedia about Patricipatory Democracy. 

'Participatory democracy is a process emphasizing the broad participation of constituents in the direction and operation of political systems. Etymological roots of democracy (Greek demos and kratos) imply that the people are in power and thus that all democracies are participatory. However, participatory democracy tends to advocate more involved forms of citizen participation and greater political representation than traditional representative democracy.

Participatory democracy strives to create opportunities for all members of a population to make meaningful contributions to decision-making, and seeks to broaden the range of people who have access to such opportunities.'


The Bullman Way

I am a political activist and I am passionate about my Country! .. .. ..
I always have been. I always will be. And I believe in Direct Participatory Democracy.

As far as I'm concerned, any community, large or small, be it a village, a town, a whole country or a union of countries that makes decisions that affect each individual in that community must also provide each and every individual in that community with the unfettered RIGHT to participate in the making of ALL such decisions.

It is the People of Ireland that have the sovereign right to formulate and decide ALL state policy.
Each Individual Citizen in this country has the Right to Representation!  Not any particular group or 'party' ..
Yet, the people are Denied that right by a treacherous and corrupt Government made up of just such 'vested interest groups' or 'Parties'.

The Government  no longer serves the Irish people.
It is time the people of Ireland got rid of their corrupt,  nepotistic and cronyistic political system that has plagued the country for the last 100 years.  Time to clear the rot out of Dail Eireann. All of it! Time to make way for a new Ireland.

The Irish themselves are to blame for the state this country is in today. It's not the Germans, the Greeks nor the Japanese that put the Traitor oligarchy into power in this country . . . .  We did! . . . .  And every 5 years we keep putting them back in there!

Come on! We need to do it differently now!  Let's clear out the rot and corruption once and for all and never put ANY mainstream Political Party in power again. We need to take politics out of the gutter.
We need to establish Real Democratic Representation !
Not the pseudo democracy served up by this dirty corrupt political party system whose parasitic minions serve only their own interests. 

We need Representatives who will put aside their personal opinions.
Who do not follow a Party whip.
Who will bring your collective opinion to the decision making table.
Who will represent you !


Let's elect our own candidates!
Not those chosen for us by political parties.
Not those chosen by self-serving political parties to represent their own interests.

100 years ago individuals stood up against injustice and oppression. That's what the 1916 rising was about.
To cast off the yoke of oppression of a foreign oppressive regime!

100 years on and once again individuals must stand up
and cast off the yoke of oppression, this time of a domestic Oppressive regime!

Last year I ran as an Independent candidate in the Local Election in East Cork. I also ran as a Candidate in the last General Election for the East Cork Constituency in 2011.  I didn't do too bad either, but hope to do better this time around.

If you want to know more about Paddy Bullman you can look him up on Facebook  or just Google him or if you want help him go to .
How to avoid paying your water bill
( a short video by Paddy Bullman )

Buncrana Together advocates 'Return to Sender' as our way of dealing with Irish Water Bills.  We advocate Boycott of Irish Water.  But Paddy different strokes for different folks.