Politics rears it's ugly head once again, in anti Irish Water campaign

Article by buncranatogether.com

We are at it again both locally and nationally with quite a few unsavoury words being said on facebook pages of anti Irish Water groups.  In both instances the issues might seem trivial and easily overcome. But fundamentally they are not. Both issues are big, have been smouldering for some time and are a manifestation of an underlying problem within the anti Irish Water movement. They are political, involving personal and political agendas and the juxtaposition of these two is a recipe for disaster.

Nationally, there is a god awful row in Dublin over a 'Fine Gael Ard Fheis 'demonstration, organised by 'Tallagh Says No', on Jan 23 to coincide with Fine Gael Ard Fheis on that same day. See the event page HERE.   Right2Change have called for it's own demonstration in central Dublin on that particular day and now want the other organisers to change the starting time to accommodate both. Does this not seem strange? Why split the force?  Is the Ard Fheis not a great opportunity to show our opposition? It would be a great rallying point where we can present a unified front encouraged by all the different factions? The answer to both questions is a resounding 'Yes', especially where all the media attention will be focussed. So why would Right2Change insist on their own and separate demonstration away from such an obvious venue? It is a mystery.

Locally, a row in Donegal has cropped up on the facebook page of Liam Whyte, organiser of Can't Pay Won't Pay. Primarily the row is about the 'Boycott' campaign and why Right2Change and Sinn Fein do not back it. A Right2Change spokesperson says that Right2Change has called for and supports a boycott. Once again strong words are exchanged. It is a fact that officially Right2Change has not backed the boycott campaign despite a overwhelming majority of anti water charges supporters backing such a boycott. This is the same as Sinn Fein's stance on the boycott campaign and it could be argued that most of Sinn Fein supporters also back the boycott. So why is the leadership of both organisations not doing so? Surely for the success of the campaign this is an obvious and strong tactic. It is a mystery.

In Donegal there is dismay, dissension, frustration at Right2Change's unilateral decision to call for a demonstration in Letterkenny, 23rd January. Of course there should be a demonstration before the elections but shouldn't this be inclusive of all groups and political parties. Surely for the success of a demonstration and campaign generally this is obvious? It is a mystery.

Recently Right2Change spokespersons in Donegal are jumping the gun in the local media. They are pushing Right2Change's agenda insisting all sign up to their manifesto and if you don't or even have misgivings you will be ostracised.  Does this mean that even though a candidate is of the highest calibre, who is against water charges, Irish Water etc, and one who should be in office, that we will be told not to vote for them and instead vote for someone who is not capable?  What happens if this capable candidate supports the boycott, and 1Yi but does not sign up to the manifesto?
Anyone can sign up to anything to get elected. This has been demonstrated time and time again.  When elected all those election promises are forgotten, something similar to Fine Gael and Labour the last time out.  This is not a mystery. It is ridiculous and a fundamental flaw.