TD Joan Collins facing charges over water meters protest

United Left Alliance TD set to appear in court on the same day as Socialist TD Paul Murphy

United Left Alliance TD Joan Collins

United Left Alliance TD Joan Collins

Joan Collins TD has been summoned to appear in court in connection with alleged public order offences.

The United Left Alliance TD was one of 13 people that was arrested in connection with a protest in April.

The protest was against the installation of water meters in the South Dublin area.

In a statement, Deputy Collins said she is due before the Courts of Criminal Justice on November 2, RTE reports.

The summons alleges Deputy Collins was acting in a manner contrary to the Criminal Justice Public Order Act.

Deputy Collins reports that she and 12 other people have been summoned to appear in court in connection with the April protest.

This is the same day, and the same court, when 27 other people including Paul Murphy TD and two councillors will appear before the court in connection with separate charges.

Paul Murphy launched 'The Accused' in Jobstown last week - and said the issue of people's right to protest is now more important than water charges.

A protest is set to be held in Dublin today against the issuing of court proceedings.

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