A poster unfurled by water protesters in Glenties yesterday evening has been described as 'disgusting' and 'deplorable.'

A poster unfurled by water protesters in Glenties yesterday evening has been described as 'disgusting' and 'deplorable.'

Up to FIFTY water activists protested as Taoiseach Enda Kenny visited the annual MacGill Summer school.
However, the poster they made was a deeply personal attack on the Taoiseach which purported that the banner was written by his dead mother.

The poster read, ""Kenny a message for you, from guess who?? I lie here in my grave, restless, distraught, in tears and despair as I unable to stop you rob cheat and lie to the Irish people.
"Please stop before it too late so I can RIP Your Mother. Bye".

The message has been widely condemned with many people taking to social media to express their disgust at the poster - with many saying the poster has brought shame to the county.

Breda O'Donnell wrote, "Bringing the good name of Donegal down with this disgusting banner. Lowest of the low.

Frank Smith said, "As much as I despise Enda Kenny, that is plain disgusting.

Donál Brennan wrote, "This is like something you'd see from the lovely people in the Westboro Baptist Church.
"It proves the whole water protest movement has lost credibility due to it being hijacked by trouble makers and thugs with zero cop-on or intelligence.

Patrick McGinley said, "They don't represent the normal people of Donegal
"We don't lower ourselves to those levels.

Sharon Leonard said, "Not going to attend any more water charges protests after seeing this, I cannot stand Enda Kenny, but this was obviously done by sick people.

However, there are still some defending the poster's message and the stance taken by the small group of water protestors.
Austin O'Meara said, "If you find that banner more offensive than people dying on trollies because of cuts made by Enda's government who stood by and let people die only to take inheritance tax off them and send that money to bail out the entire European banking system.

"All the while crying poverty and cutting vital services so we can send €650 million per year out on foreign aid with no chance of getting it back, paying private debt with public finances.

"I don't know of the circumstances of his mothers death but I would be certain enough she was never on a trolley in a corridor.. To those complaining about this banner do you really find it more offensive than the utter contempt this man's government holds the Irish people in.

What are you thoughts have the water protestors brought shame on Donegal??

Article by Donegal Daily July25, 2015

The Following Is An Article In Donegal Daily Right2Water Chairperson Defends The Banner


Enda Kenny's visit to the Mc Gill Summer School brought with it much media attention, not least his remarks about a Sinn Fein/Independents coalition being a freak show.

However, it was the protest outside the Highlands Hotel that brought the most controversy.
A certain banner was singled out for special attention by the National media.

Charlie McDyer Right2Water Donegal

Charlie McDyer Right2Water Donegal

Right2Water chairperson Charlie Mc Dyer explained “this banner has been around for quite some time and while I don’t condone the message it displays, it is not within our powers to patrol every banner or placard that people bring to protests”.

The banner, claiming to be a message from Mr Kenny's deceased mother has caused a furore on social media with people divided in their opinions about it.

Ms Mc Dyer continued “we live in a democracy where free speech is allowed, I find it rather ironic that people are so outraged; when inside the Highlands Hotel where Enda Kenny gave his speech, people were not allowed to ask him their own questions. His speech was scripted, as usual, and there were set questions which were not to be deviated from – where is the free speech in that instance?”

The outrage that the banner has garnered may well be justified but Charlie questioned whether the banner really is so bad.

"When the Government took medical cards away from special needs children where was the outrage? The Health Service is at crisis point with people lying on trollies for days....where is the outrage? When the Government cut lone parents payments where was the outrage? The list goes on and on. The absolute contempt that Enda Kennys coalition has shown to the people of Ireland is outrageous. We protest because we want him to see that it is the ordinary people who are suffering while the Government protects the very people that caused the financial crisis in the first place. As Enda Kenny said himself 'this is about more than water"

Original Article Donegal Daily, July 27, 2015