Buncrana Against Irish Water Chairperson Returns Irish Water Bills

James Quigley, chairperson of Buncrana Against Irish Water returning to sender by post, 3 bills sent to him by Irish Water.  I am returning this correspondence because I do not recognise Irish Water,  do not understand their intent and I don't have a contract with them.

The  label on the envelope is one which I was given by Fliuch.org, a Cork based anti water campaign group who have given me a lot of help and support.  I would like to thank them very much for their expertise and their continuous hard work

This is my record that I have returned these 3 envelopes.  Irish Water can do what they like but I will not recognise them, I will not sign a contract and I will not be paying them anything.  I will not let them install dangerous and unwanted smart meters on my property.

I would like to say that this is a record of my defiance against our corrupt government.  This year is the 100th anniversary of the 1916 rising when we are supposed to be celebrating and remembering the generations who have struggled and even died to reclaim independence and ownership of our land.  Instead it is a year of hardship and struggle against a government who is intent on handing ownership of all our natural resources to private owners.  This government has lied, threatened and have condoned abuse on the Irish public.  People have demonstrated that they in no way support this government.  They have no mandate.

I celebrate James Connolly who died in the 1916 rising by this small act of defiance and I castigate the Irish Labour party for their part in supporting and driving the Water Services legislation through. My act is what James Connolly would have done.

I would encourage everyone not to have anything to do with Irish Water.  Do not recognise them, do not sign a contract and join our boycott campaign.

James Quigley Chairperson of Buncrana Against Irish Water

James Quigley Chairperson of Buncrana Against Irish Water