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Dumb, self indulgent, uneducated bunch of sheep

 Even the government say it and they show it too, they're giving you the fingers.  Can't you see it?  They're repeatedly saying 'Fuck you Irish'.
You are a dumb, self-indulgent, uneducated bunch of sheep, unable to think for yourselves, let alone care yourselves. You hide behind old pains, unrelated pride, stupid religion and really irritating “ah sure” attitude. You are more interested in football, Voice of Ireland, gossip and facebook.  You are preoccupied with the UK (which you hate for sure), the so called land of the free, America and on the other side of the world,  Australia, (where emigrant families of past disputes went).  How can you focus on that shit. Where do you find the time to worry about other countries. What about your own country?

Pat Rabbitte  has introduced legislation to outlaw offensive and sinister content on social media

Pat Rabbitte has introduced legislation to outlaw offensive and sinister content on social media

How can you, in your right mind, say you are proud to be Irish?  You give up after the first set back. You can only argue among yourselves.  You haven't even got a language and now you have allowed your government assholes to sell your country down the drain.  I bet some of you have stopped reading this by now.  Ah, well, good riddance. You are lost to the world anyway.

Dutch And Proud
I am glad I am not Irish. I am Dutch, blunt and straight forward. I am proud of it, I am just Dutch, and that is good enough. I wouldn’t want to limit myself in the way you lot do. I bet you all suffer from the 'Stockholm Syndrome'. Excusing those, who abuse you, do you down,  basically decide whether you live or die and all this while virtually living in other countries.
Do you know you are not an important part of Ireland.  Its resources are and you, you can all fuck off and die when your usability is spent, well past “abuse by” date.

I can see what is going wrong in this county.  I am amazed that you haven't said anything about it up to now.   Your have been fucked over and over and over. So many times it's hard to believe.   I am amazed there are no protests here every day. I am amazed that you have different names for parties who are basically the same, giving you the same choices to destroy yourself and you, dumb fucks, believe it every time.  You believe it is all going to be better with  this or that party  in power. Can't you see their promises are false and they have shafted you every time.  Frankly I am dumbfounded that  Ireland still exists at all. Well let me tell you that it's not going to be for much longer.  The corporations are clambering to get in and they are going to own it, lock stock and barrel.  Your government is practically throwing it at them.  Eventually they will kick out most of the surplus people and keep only the dumb asses who are screwed, up to their eyeballs in debt and those who are lackeys.

You are the monkeys?
I can see how you are lulled into a sense of Irish happiness for maybe a while at elections.  You continually get taken in with meaningless promises like less taxes, more health care, houses, jobs and so on,  You are blind to see your constitutional rights are  being eroded year in, year out.  You can not see  that your freedom is put in a box and locked away.  You will only be allowed to speak your mind as long as it suits the government and the national media.

Really! you are too stupid to discuss anything with. All you do is take the hump act like Neanderthals.  No, wait, maybe that's not fair to Neanderthals. You haven’t discussed anything for almost a hundred years, since your 1916 revolution.  You can’t discuss freedom with monkeys, you tell them when to jump and how high. Monkeys in captivity have no access to independent thought, they are  conditioned when to think and what to think. The government does not give in when monkeys revolt, it just sends in the other monkey brigades and let them hit and batter and hurt the complaining monkeys into compliance.  The media will write bad things about minor incidents, blow it up out of all proportions, create panic among the monkeys of every class.  This gives the leader monkeys the excuse to exert more pressure, more harsh laws to keep the revolting monkey in place under the disguise of security.  The leader monkeys then get their positive reinforcement from their masters, icing on the cake.


Have you heard of surprise protests?
When it all becomes too much, you panic and as a last resort you revolt, you plan a day of protest.  You plan it well in advance and with months in between each protest.  This gives the powers that be all the time in the world to prepare and take away the sting before any action has even been started. Have you heard of surprise mass actions? Organised outside of the government monitored facebook?

Why has this country not been brought to a standstill? Why has the economy not been stopped, why has Leinster House not been laid siege to, with daily protests inside the chamber?  Why is there not massive “disobedience” on a daily basis. Take the country down, crumble the fascist power, kick out the traitors who are actually hurting you, put their heads on the block and cut them off.   Ok ok … not for real of course, but my indignation gets the better of me. At the very least jail them.  Forget the prosecuting part, you all know already what they have done, how many lives they have ruined.  Send them straight to jail.  Get rid of the old corrupt imperial laws and start anew.  Where you should be living in an egalitarian society you live in despair, for yourselves and your children. You are a dysfunctional society.

Ah go on, go on, go on, you'll not forget what I did for you. Give me your no 1 and I'll look after you.  Nod nod wink wink.

Ah go on, go on, go on, you'll not forget what I did for you. Give me your no 1 and I'll look after you.  Nod nod wink wink.

The Grand People
Spare me the dumb-fucks who go on about the fucking English who did this and that to you.   Yeah right. Get over it. You are out of touch with the world as it is today. For starters if they are so fucking bad, why do you still speak their language? Too stupid to speak your own?  As I said: I am Dutch. The fucking Germans overran our country in the second world war, and we are still speaking Dutch. The Spaniards had their go centuries ago, and we did not succumb to that. Hell even the ignorant French had a go.

It does not matter now if it has been an occupation of years or centuries. It is in the past. If you are a resilient lot you will get the fuck over it. If not you deserve what you got. If you are the 'Grand People' you think you are, you will forgive, you do not have to forget, but forgive. Seriously, why live in the past while there is so much going wrong in this lifetime, now.  All countries have old and past enemies. Currently Germans are taking over Europe and it's only 70 years after their asses were kicked. Do we not drive German cars? Is Germany not the biggest economy in Europe.



Voting Assholes in Time After Time
Every pub here in Ireland is filled with televisions where Sky bombards us with football. English football. I hear them all shouting go on Liverpool, get in there United. Why is this by the way? Ireland can’t even play football properly and you and all the managers are sitting in the pubs, shouting your drunken heads off. Then you start singing rebel songs and you feel fucking proud to be Irish.

But I don’t get this hypocritical stance of some Irish giving modern English people the evil eye or word. These are the ones up their own asses, voting other assholes in, time after time, because they think they are hurting England, and it helps the individuality of “The Irish”.  Dumb fucks. Quit blaming others for your own disappointing behaviour. There are Irish dickheads evicting people from their homes. Irish assholes wrecking lives, sucking money out of all of us' imposing illegal taxes, militarising the gardai.

Why do you not feel proud of your county. You seem to be ashamed. Maybe you as a nation were downtrodden by the invaders, morally numbed by religion and fooled the capitalists. Maybe it's because you were the ignorant poor who were forced to flee this country to colonise and downtrod other countries like a dysfunctional child who grows up only to perpetrate the same abuse on others. Maybe you never got time to heal. Has pride been knocked out of you?  You are racist begrudgers, only good with a shovel, envious of other people, the begorrahs, neither one thing or the other.

Are You Mad At Me Yet?
Are you fucking mad at me yet for blatantly discarding you as a fighting people? For calling you names? For making fun of your misplaced pride and your immense stupidity by being taken in decade after decade? Have you decided already to call me a fucking foreigner with no right to speak like that. I should be ashamed of myself and go back to the country I came from, if I don’t like it here? Are you getting ready to find out where I live, so you can bash my head in?  Well I live in Blarney and you’re welcome to come and find me.  You think, as of now I am a waste of space?  Well… same to you.

Have I hurt you in the core of your soul with my insults, and are you raging with anger? Good. Because you know, what I just wrote about you is what the government is thinking about you. So if you are raring to have a go at me, why are you not out on the streets having a go at them? Every day. Why should an unimportant foreigner get all the stick for basically voicing his thoughts.   Why are you not up in arms?  Are you afraid of derailing the economy of this country.  Well let me tell you they have been doing that all along, only to profit from it themselves by selling your natural resources to private foreigners,  lining their own pockets and satisfying the insatiable greed of foreign companies? If you have any real pride in yourselves, get up of your asses and go on the streets to protest, today and every day till the bastards and their sorts are out of power.  Stop fighting and squabbling among yourselves.  Get away from divisive party politics, clinging to some unattainable goal, wrapping flags and ideologies around you.  Get away from the herd instinct and start thinking anew, for yourselves.  Then and only then will you be able to sort yourselves out.

Corrib Gas Pipeline. In the most dramatic clash of cultures in modern Ireland, the rights of farmers over their fields, and of fishermen to their fishing grounds, has come in direct conflict with one of the worlds most powerful oil companies. When the citizens look to their state for protection, they find that the state has put Shell's right to lay a pipeline ahead of their own rights.  Click on photo.

Corrib Gas Pipeline. In the most dramatic clash of cultures in modern Ireland, the rights of farmers over their fields, and of fishermen to their fishing grounds, has come in direct conflict with one of the worlds most powerful oil companies. When the citizens look to their state for protection, they find that the state has put Shell's right to lay a pipeline ahead of their own rights.  Click on photo.

I am waiting for that one decent Garda
There is no point in demanding the arrest of a garda to his colleague,  it will fall on deaf ears. If you haven’t understood it by now, then you are too stupid to understand anything. The Gardai are paid to do as they are told, and although you are the ones paying them, really, it is the government that controls them, or put that another way the  Denis O'Briens of this world – aka the big corporations.
The Gardai are dogs on a leash, and who ever really owns the government, will own the gardai. They are not taught to think constitutionally, or independently. In fact they are taught not to think at all. They are human machines without empathy, corporeally programmed. They are a dangerous force, deployed to hit, scare and threaten people into submission. They fine, evict, protect the corps, threaten protesters, portrayed as the sinister fringe with criminal intentions.

I am waiting for that one decent Garda, who will indeed protect the people.  This should be his duty.  That one free thinker who will defend our right to freedom and democracy.  Who will exercise wisdom and understanding when things are happening. A garda who will think, not just about now but about his future and that of his daughters or sons, his neighbours, his friends, and his country. A garda with a conscience. They used to be around in abundance.

So are you still pissed off with me? Well as I said this is how the government is really thinking about you, if they are thinking of you in the first place.  Going by their actions to date they really don't think of you at all.  Personally I think you’re a great bunch to live amongst, but that doesn’t help you get your asses in gear, does it?  You cannot be OK with that. So direct your anger towards those bastards in Government.  We need a conscience in power. Our conscience.

For now.

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