Watch: Take a look behind the scenes at Irish Water meter reading

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Most of the article is pretty much Irish Water PR, as is the video of course. Here's a snippet of the articleMy My aren't we Irish Sophisticated.

The Independent
"the utility, and its two contracted companies tasked with carrying out the work, have rolled out a highly sophisticated programme using radio signals, transponders and bleeping hand-held devices.
It means the country's six full-time water meter readers should be able to read all 650,000 units without ever stepping out of their vans or reaching into a single drain.
"The technology is known as AMR - Automatic Meter Reading. It's different from traditional meter reading where someone has to physically look at the meter," meter data manager Andy Day explained to the Irish Independent.
"The meter readers have no interaction directly with the meters. It's different to other countries and is much more efficient for it."

In the interest unbiased reporting

With higher profits and ever-higher bills in sight, the Smart Meter programme is taking some Big Risks with a variety of aspects of our lives and well-being. From the sobering implications of connecting our electricity, gas and water supplies to the Internet -- and for the first time making them available to hackers -- to documented, scientifically-validated health risks, gross privacy intrusions and a capability for energy firms to remotely control our appliances at will, the Smart Grid will cause far more problems than it claims to solve. The primary beneficiaries of 'smart' meters are the energy firms -- any promised consumer benefits will be short-lived, illusory or dramatically overshadowed by the enormous disadvantages.

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