Buncrana Against Irish Water Vigil For The Dublin 5

Our 5 day vigil outside An Garda Siochana station, Buncrana, in support of the Dublin 5 water meter objectors, Damien O Neill, Bernie Hughes, Michael Batty, Derek Byrne and Paul Moore.  This was a way of showing our support for the prisoners, as well as our disgust at the way our government, the judicial system and Irish Water have and are treating them.  It is a totally unfair system where Irish Water are using hundreds of thousand of euros of our money to take injunctions against water protestors who could not afford a fraction of that.  These protestors went to jail for their convictions rather than succumb to the bullyboy tactics of the Fine Gael/Labour government.  The five protestors only acted in the interest of people of Ireland protecting our national resource, water, for future generations against the avarice of a multinationals.
We called on our government to release the Dublin 5. We have repeatedly called on the government, Irish Water and An Garda Siochana to meet with the public to discuss a peaceful way forward as demonstrated by residents of Moneymore Drogheda.  To date only An Garda Siochana have met with us. Why has this peaceful solution not been taken up by all concerned. Why do the Government and the national media dwell on violence and negativity while on the ground we have the success story of the community in Moneymore.