Anti Austerity Alliance Accuses Right2Change of falsifying and misrepresenting them


Paul Murphy TD

The AAA was shocked that Right2Change (R2C) misrepresented and falsified the views of the AAA regarding the R2C questions at the Community Pillar meeting on Saturday 31 October. R2C added the word ‘No’ to the start of our answers to questions one and two. We did not say ‘No’!

To anyone at the meeting reading the text on the screen, they would have been led to believe that the AAA actually said 'No' to questions one and two. When Brendan Ogle spoke when presenting the answers, he even said the word ‘No’, as if it was part of our answer.

Regarding question two, we outlined what type of government we would be part of and what type we wouldn't. R2C interpreted that as a 'No' to their question, but they had no right to put ‘No’ into our text. However, R2C cannot state or interpret that the AAA said 'No' to question one – the R2C principles – that is completely incorrect.

Any reasonable interpretation would easily conclude that we said Yes to question one, with some qualifications. We believe, the first line in our answer, "The AAA generally supports the reforms outlined in the policy principles", makes this clear enough, so we endorsed the R2C principles and remain part of that aspect of R2C.

We can only draw the conclusion that this falsification of our answers was done consciously. This approach is disgraceful and alien to the traditions of the labour movement. It is very regrettable and is grossly unfair and undemocratic. The AAA has written to the R2C trade unions with regard to this, but we need to set the record straight and these photo's prove our point.

Brendan Ogle speaking at the Right2Change Community pillar meeting at Wynn's Hotel in Dublin City Center . Discussing the parties and independent TD's who are in favor of endorsing the policy document set about by Right2Change

Buncrana Together

Buncrana Together would like to put it on record that we believe the insertion of 'No' is completely wrong.  It is deliberate manipulation of fact.  Both the literature and the accompanying Youtube video entitled 'Part2 of Brendan Ogle speaking at the community pillar meeting in Wynn's Hotel Dublin City Centre 31/10/2015' verify this.  An immediate retraction and apology is necessary.