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Fine Gael Ard Fheis

Saturday, January 23 at 1 PM

Citywest Shopping Centre, Dublin, Ireland


To coincide with the local marches that will be taking place across the country, Tallaght Says No, We Won’t Pay and Jobstown Not Guilty will be working with other local groups to organise the next march in Dublin South West.

Now wait for it, here is the icing on the cake, we are lucky enough to have one of the parties who have hammered us over the last few years in our neck of the woods. Fine Gael are holding their Ard Fheis in Citywest Hotel Sitting right at the last stop on the Red Luas line... How is that for fortunate!

So come on - let's get together and start the New Year reminding them that we will not forgive or forget – We wont take anymore of their Austerity measures! we won’t be paying their water charges! Let them know that we won’t take the criminalisation of Jobstown and the attack on the right to protest lying down!

Let’s make this the best one yet!!

Assemble at 1pm at Citywest Shopping Centre and we will march up to Citywest Hotel to let them know that we have had enough!