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Irish Water Inishowen Metering

July 1, 2015 there are signs of GMC starting up.
Irish Water GMC Sierra workers have been spotted in several areas. These guys say they are checking and surveying. If you get the chance check your meter ready stop valve. If you catch them quote the above and call your neighbour and gardai.
July 02 a resident in Gemstone, Gleneely emailed
"just checked this morning and i don't have a meter fitted happy days. it was around one yesterday afternoon when my son noticed the Irish water worker checking ours. He was driving a white van with markings on the back after my son shouted out the window we don't want one he moved on."

Irish Water suspended all work on May 21st, 2015 and said it would resume at a later date.  We believe that their contractor Gildea was caught out fabricating a lie in Manorcunningham about a householder threatening him, when in fact the contractor was caught on camera threatening.  This date will be deleted when work resumes.

This is the bottom line
All groups and households should insist on getting the proper notices which Irish Water has published and are in all Garda Siochana stations. The way Irish Water is doing things is abuse pure and simple. They should not be allowed to go any further until everyone gets notices. Irish water, Gardai and all Inishowen councillors have been notified of this. As yet not one reply from anyone. We have made a statement on this which is on our web page

Click Here  to see what some people do if meter is installed


Click Here to view IW notices and other details


Click Here to download no meter here poster for window and tips when installer arrives


We believe Irish Water are in Moville using same strategy as we described in our web page…/buncrana-against-irish-water-…
We believe that the strategy is the same as used elsewhere in East Inishowen. There is a 2 man team picking random houses, random estates and fitting meter ready houses. We believe no notice has been given. If anyone has a meter fitted without their consent let Enda Craig or Inishowen Against Water Charges or ourselves know. If you spot them go out and stop them request a ID at least and tell them they are acting illegally since you have no notice as stated by Irish Water which is in every garda station. If you can't do that then let us know phone 08746524858 or Inishowen 0851636865, emergency no only. Make sure it is Irish Water before phoning. At least put a sign up.


Meter installers in Greencastle Monday 11th May


Some households in Gleneely area have received notices.  So be on your guard.  See above. Small van fitting in meter ready boxes.  Van possibly no ID.  Ask any suspicious characters for ID and if metering tell them you don't want one.  See above for contact details.

Muff Quigley's Point 

Irishwater has already been around these estates see article on our web page Here   Small van fitting in meter ready boxes.  Van possibly no ID.  Ask any suspicious characters for ID and if metering tell them you don't want one.  See above for contact details.


Some estates have received metering notices.  See above links


Some estates received metering notices.  See above links


Cedar Grove and Cherry Avenue in Carndonagh have received  notices.  Notices left on doorsteps.  May 12th Abbott's Wood and Miller's way, Clos Phadraig Carndonagh received their notice this morning.


Some residents in Fahan have received notices 7th May

Latest News

According to Irish Independent all work has stopped because of alleged threats.  Work on the ground is very quiet, with no reports of installation.  

Buncrana Together would like to state that most newspaper articles including this one are heavily biased and erroneous.    Spokesperson for Buncrana Against Irish Water stated
" Do I have to remind people about lies and propaganda? Well this is it. Unfortunately it is so serious because it could impact on some of us who have been singled out. See all posts on our facebook page Buncrana Together, all statements and articles.
Like everywhere in Ireland this type of propaganda has been used resulting in people being abused and imprisoned. Our group along with Moville group have repeatedly asked for meetings with An Garda Siochana, Irish Water to discuss  problems  that Irish Water and the government are causing through forced installation of meters. We got no reply from Irish Water. They have stated they have no resources to meet with residents.  There was a simple solution but they did not even consider it. Instead this is their answer.

This is original article click this link to view Donegal Now  A heavily biased and inaccurate reporting.  Water activists throughout Inishowen are being targeted.  GMC Sierra and Irish Water contractors manufacturing threats so as to step up their metering with the protection of An Garda Síochana.

Irish Independent May21

Irish Independent May21

This is from Inishowen Independent May 21.  Investigation of alleged Moville incident. 

This is from Inishowen Independent May 21.  Investigation of alleged Moville incident.